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Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Celebrating God’s Forgiveness & Mercy

God forgives us endlessly and the church celebrates this reality through the sacrament of reconciliation. For, even though we are baptized and confirmed, and even though we are steeped in Eucharist, there remains that tendency within us to "miss the mark," to be selfish and unilateral, to fail to love, in a word, a tendency to commit sins. But God never fails to love and the church celebrates this in the sacrament of reconciliation.

We call it a sacrament of “conversion” because in celebrating it, we turn our hearts empowered by the Spirit of Love, back to Divine Love through Christ who reveals that Love. We also refer to it as the sacrament of "penance" a term which comes from a Latin word: repere, which suggests a posture of sorrow and a process of change. Sorrow for the ways we have sinned is the starting point. It is also called “confession” because it is here that we are invited to talk out loud about how we have sinned, and in that talking, recognize the mercy of God which is endless. And it is called the sacrament of “reconciliation,” because it draws us back to balance, it reconnects us to our journey of faith, and it celebrates God’s wonderful love.

First Reconciliation

The Parish Preparation process is usually recommended for children in the second grade or third grade.  If child is fourth grade or older contact the DRE or Sacrament's Coordinator to assist you in preparing your child for the sacrament.  We encourage families to celebrate and come to this special sacrament as a family giving a greater witness to the need of each person to constantly turn toward God and be renewed.

Preparing for the reception of first reconciliation is a process and families are expected to enroll their children in the Wednesday evening program.  Children in second and third grade will be prepared through classroom instruction using the second grade curriculum and family resource materials.

The components of this process are:

  • Wednesday evening Faith Formation classes, in which students learn about their faith and in which preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation is taught and reinforced through a variety of activities.

  • Home based materials.

  • One parent/child retreat held on a Wednesday evening in November that celebrates the gift of the Sacrament of Reconciliation with breakout sessions for children and their parents.

  • Individual celebration of the Sacrament, generally on a Saturday at a time chosen by the child's family.

If child is fourth grade or older contact the DRE to assist you in preparing your child for the sacrament.

If you have questions, call ThuyAnh Hoang of Faith Formation at or 651.426.1818.

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