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St. Genevieve’s Parish Community Center
  (Hospitality Hall, Gathering Space, and
  Sanctuary for weekend Masses are located here) 
Located at 6995 Centerville Road.  It is two blocks South of Main Street (HWY 242/County Rd 14) on Centerville Road (6995 Centerville  Road).     

Note: This is two blocks South of the Church (1683 Sorel Street in Centerville).

Saturday Mass 4:30 pm &
Sunday 10:30 am
Sunday Mass 8:30 am is at St. John's Church in Hugo

St. Genevieve’s Parish Office
7087 Goiffon Road, Centerv

(The Conference Meeting Room and
Small Group Meeting Room are located here)

St. Genevieve’s Church
1683 Sorel Street

(The Parish Hall Meeting Room is located in the lower
level of the Church)

St. Genevieve’s Faith Formation Center
 (The Faith Formation Classes are held here)


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St.  John the Baptist Church

 (Fortin Hall is located in the lower level of the Church)

Located at 14383  Forest Boulevard, Hugo, MN 55038.  

It is  located at the intersection of US Highway 61 (Forest Blvd. N) & County Rd 8 (Frenchman Road N/Main Street) in Hugo.


St. Genevieve Church Office at 7087 Goiffon Rd., Centerville, MN 55038
St. Genevieve Parish Community Center at 6995 Centerville Rd.,
Centerville, MN 55038 651.429.7937 

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